Fiona Stewart

“My husband and I live in very small quarters and no matter where you are in the house you could tell we had a cat. Oslan had a digestive problem and no matter where you were in the house the odor from the litter box was overpowering. After hearing about RITEZYME™ and the benefits of the product we decided to try it. It has definitely helped Oslan with his digestive problems and as an added benefit the odor from the litter box is actually gone!”

Janet Pursley

I have had my 16 1/2 year old toy poodles on Ritezyme gold supplement for about a year and a half after one of them had a bout with pancreatitis. They had poor appetites as they aged and had been losing weight. I tried everything! After I started them on your product they began eating great! I have been buying it on amazon but it is no longer available and I don't want them to be without it. How or where can I buy Ritezyme gold?

Max Walski

“Lucky was losing hair and scratching himself all the time from skin irritations. For a month now, I have started adding RITEZYME™ to his food and have noticed that his fur is now starting to grow back in the bald spots. He is not scratching as much, his skin is looking healthy pink and he is a lot more playful. AWESOME RITEZYME™!”

Michael Charatin, MCK9

A second K-9 testimonial...... "I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the quality of your product. I am a dog breeder and owner of MCK9. I have 5 dogs and they all show signs of improved weight gain, coat condition as well as overall health. Thank you so much for creating such a quality product."

Jim D., retired K-9 handler

I'm a retired Police Officer who worked in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. I had the privilege of being a canine handler for seven and a half years. During that time, I always fed my canine partner a premium dog food and had pretty good results, that is until a larger organization would come in and buy the company. In both cases, it seemed that the food quality would go down noticeably. I'm now adding RITEZYME™ to my dog's food to get the most nutrition I can out of the food. Our canine partners never seem to be around for as long as we would like. That's why I'm trying to increase the odds with good nutrition and adding RITEZYME™ to my dog's meals.

Traci Leigh - Equine Manager MCCD

I am the equine manager at Midwest Center for Children’s Development. We are a not-for-profit equine assisted therapy program for children and adults with special needs in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Our therapy horses are very important as well as loved by all of us at our facility so we want to take the best care we possibly can for our horse companions. For over a year, some of our older horses have had digestive problems in spite of their carefully planned diets, until we started them on RITEZYME™ from Natural Nutrients. We saw dramatic results in just 3-4 weeks! The issues were controlled and the horses that were having difficulty maintaining proper weight started to look and act as if they were back to their younger selves. I was so impressed with the RITEZYME™ product that I put my own horse, Dakota, who had bouts with frequent intestinal issues on it and am very pleased with the results once again. I totally recommend RITEZYME™ from Natural Nutrients for therapy horses and anyone else who thinks of their horse as part of the family.

Katie A.

Here's a picture of Jake. ..... I think he's 16 years old and a Tennessee Walker. He's a great trail horse, and the owner, Pat, rides him on a regular basis. She said it took about 5-6 weeks to get his weight to where he is now. She has him on pasture all day and he gets a senior feed with the RITEZYME™ supplement in it. Not sure what he gets as far as hay in addition to the turnout. When she first got him, we could count the ribs going down his sides, he was really sunken in over his croup and through the hips, and his shoulders even seemed to poke out because his chest and neck were so thin. Pat said one of the things she noticed right away was that he started shedding out and getting a really nice hair coat within a few weeks of being on the supplement. He had a haircoat you'd typically associate with a wormy horse when she first got him. I know this isn't the best (before) picture ........You can see that his entire spine sticks up a little and he's sunken in on the sides of his spine. Also, notice how his hips are sunken in, and the points of his shoulder jut out. In the after picture, you can see he's developed some muscle in the hind end, and everything has filled in on his topline and shoulders/neck area.

Mary P.

My sister's 21 year old throughbred gelding had lost a considerable amount of weight and then coliced. A friend of mine suggested we try RITEZYME™. We added RITEZYME™ to his diet and slowly changed him over to senior feed. Within a few months, he was back to a good weight and his hair coat was shiny and healthy looking. One of the best results from the RITEZYME™ has been his increased amount of energy. I was so pleased with RITEZYME™ on my sister's horse I decided to try it on my two horses (a 2 year old colt and an 8 year old gelding). After a few months on RITEZYME™ both of my horses looked amazing. Several people at our barn commented on their hair coats asking what I used to get them so soft and shiny. Thank you, RITEZYME™!

Krys K. Carol Stream, IL

Dear Natural Nutrients, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with RITEZYME™ Canine (Active Formula). All 3 of my dogs are on the Canine Active Formula. They just started their second "tub." Last night I was petting my 8 year old Boxer and realized how healthy looking and soft her coat has become. We also have a 3 year old English Bulldog with numerous medical conditions: digestive issues, allergies, eye infections, ear infections, hot spots, you name it, he has it. Since being on the Active Formula we no longer meet him with baby wipes when he comes back inside from a potty break. His wrinkles are doing much better, less cruddy build up, additionally less red between his toes means he isn't licking his feet like he used too. His coat is also very soft. My little 5 year old Yorkie Terrier mix's coat is soft and silky. He is also my picky eater and he didn't even notice the RITEZYME™ was in his kibble. Health wise they all seem to have an added vibrancy to their doggie attitude. Based on my first hand experience with your product, I started my horse on RITEZYME™ I look forward to sharing her progress with you. Thank you for your wonderful product.