RITEZYME™ is specially formulated to provide the right combination of enzymes to replace what is missing in the diet of many cats.

Our proprietary formulas contain the right ingredients in the right proportion to support your animal’s digestive processes. No sugars, all natural ingredients. Processed foods reduce essential nutrients from your pet’s food, for example, the amount and type of enzymes required for digestion.

More and more veterinarians now agree that enzymes play an essential role in the health of the animal. By breaking down food so that the nutrients can be absorbed, your animal gets the most from what he eats, even if your animal is on a raw diet!

RITEZYME™ comes into two formulas to match the lifestyle and needs of your cat.

RITEZYME™ Feline Digestive Support contains a proprietary enzyme blend of Amylase, Lipase, Bromelain, Protease and Cellulase.

Feline Active Formula contains a proprietary enzyme blend of Pancreatin 4X, Protease AO, Bromelain, Papain, Lipase, Hemicellulase and Cellulase. Three convenient sizes, 100 grams and 300 grams.

“Adding RITEZYMETM to your animal’s food will help improve the digestion and absorption of life giving nutrients and to reduce the inflammatory and immune stress on the body by having a healthier gastrointestinal tract.”

Dr. John J. Hanover, DVM

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