General Questions

An all-natural enzymatic supplement designed to break down foods and provide better absorption of essential nutrients to your pet’s body. RITEZYME™ uses enzymes that are higher quality and more active than other brands.

As humans, we are always looking to improve our well-being, it is only natural to think that our pets also need care and attention to their health too. Any animal, no matter what size or age can benefit from adding vitamins or supplements to their diet. For more information please visit our About section.

If your pet shows signs of low energy, sheds excessively, has bone/joint problems, a dull coat, weight issues (high or low), bloating, gas, dry or itchy skin, eats feces, seems nervous or hyper. Your animal may be lacking essential nutrients and RITEZYME™ can help reestablish metabolic balance.

For Cat and Dog Blends, ingredients are found on the product page for RITEZYME™ Feline (file:///C:/Phil3/netsolutions/ritezyme- 2012/products/feline.html) and Canine (file:///C:/Phil3/netsolutions/ritezyme-2012/products/canine.html). For Horse Blends, ingredients are found on the product page for RITEZYME Equine (file:///C:/Phil3/netsolutions/ritezyme-2012/products/equine.html).

Plant-based enzymes have the capacity to be effective in a wider pH range and therefore will work better in most cases, no matter what the type of diet or metabolic system.

Yes we do! We offer discounts to Military, Veterinarians’, and wholesale customers. Please contact us directly for more details.

Usage Information

Dog & Cat: Add one scoop (1/4 teaspoon/1 gram) to each cup of food. Initially use a small quantity (finger pinch) and gradually increase amount to recommended serving size. Horse: Measure by the weight of the horse, mix RITEZYME™ formula in with 3 – 8 lbs of grain with each feeding: 800-1,000 lbs Horse (2 teaspoons), 1,000 – 1,400 lbs Horse (3 teaspoons) 1,500 lbs or larger Horse (4 teaspoons).

No. RITEZYME™ will not interfere with any other nutrients or medications. In fact, RITEZYME™ will help improve nutrient absorption even from the vitamins given and is a total complement to all other nutrient sources!

Generally, improvement with enzymes is noticed within the first month or two, and even sooner in some animals with consistent use.

There is no dairy in RITEZYME™ so animals with dairy sensitivities can safely consume RITEZYME™.

The enzymes present in RITEZYME™ are present in live fruits and vegetables and have been available to animals since ancient times.

If the product is stored properly it should last a minimum of 24 months.

No. Please do not add HOT water to your animal’s food because it will denature the enzymes. However, adding lukewarm water will excite the molecules and make them readily available for immediate consumption.

You can mix and freeze RITEZYME™ for later use as long as it is stored properly. Adding a bit of warm water after you have thawed the mixture will activate RITEZYME™ However, adding water is not necessary if it is given at room temperature, unless of course your dog or cat is older or needs moist food.

RITEZYME™ is a human-grade formula and is highly active. There have never been any cases or concern about poisoning. However, due to its active nature, smaller amounts should be given at first, and then gently increased to the suggested dose. stools, as the animals body adjusts to the presence of enzymes.

Wholesale Information

Yes, contact our sales office at 1-847-464-5505.

Yes, please contact our sales office, call 1-847-464-5505.

Yes, please contact our sales office, call 1-847-464-5505.