The Power Of Enzymes

By Janet Angel, PhD, Nutritional Biochemist

Every living creature has one thing in common...they all need enzymes! The more enzymes we or our animals have available in our diets the longer and healthier lives we will have. When the proper enzymes are available within a living system, the stronger the immune system becomes. Enzymes are necessary for every metabolic process a body undergoes. Enzymes are used for the repair of tissue, improving metabolism, fighting disease, recuperating from injuries, and getting the most nutrition from the foods we eat. They also help to protect us by controlling certain responses relating to food allergies, high cholesterol, skin conditions, tumors, and many other challenges. Digestive enzyme research is growing and articles on this topic can be found in well-known journals such as the American Journal of Digestive Disease and Nutrition, International Journal of Oncology, Digestive Diseases and Sciences, the Lancet, and International Journal of Immunotherapy.

In animals as well as humans, enzyme production drops off rapidly with age. After enzyme production begins to drop there may not be an adequate supply of enzymes to carry out the normal process of digestion. All heated foods are void of enzymes; therefore the average animal’s kibble type diet is only somewhat helpful. Physical and emotional demands have an effect on the well-being of our animals too. Research has shown that older animals and those with chronic disease have fewer enzymes in their saliva, urine and tissues.

But even an animal in average health needs enzymes to maintain wellness and slow the aging process. Due to less than adequate diets, animals require exogenous (existing in nature) enzymes to digest their foods. Stress kills and damages cells, resulting in the need for their bodies to work overtime to help rebuild and replace enzymes. Those that participate in rigorous mental and physical activities, such as performance animals are at risk for low enzyme production. An animal’s immune system is challenged by environmental pollution which causes cellular damage requiring continual assistance from enzymes to sustain a healthy immune system. Like it or not, every day, your animal’s enzyme levels are dropping.

To help strengthen your animal’s immune system it needs certain enzymes that act by breaking down free-radicals and blood toxins. Protease assists in the digestion of protein and increases the production of energy. Protease is also known to act as a scavenger that seeks out and attempts to eliminate blood toxins. It is also known to help modulate the immune system and to help correct hormonal imbalances. Protease is important in the fight to heal from injuries; it speeds wound and tissue repair.

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With RITEZYME™ by Natural Nutrients you never have to worry about enzymes accumulating in the body. Active plant based protein enzymes do not accumulate in the body. They impart enzymatic activity that lasts anywhere from one to four hours and then they are eliminated from the body as they are broken down and the amino acids are used for other purposes. RITEZYME™ is made without fillers and binders so that your animals are getting the highest quality enzyme activity available. There are no added sugars in RITEZYME™ formulas and all of the enzymes needed to breakdown your animal’s feed are included the specific RITEZYME™ formula for your animal’s needs.

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There are several enzyme supplements on the market today. RITEZYME™ is produced under very strict quality control laboratory methods and is manufactured and certified to GMP quality standards. Each batch is guaranteed to yield the activity listed on the label using the finest enzymes available. Talk to the people at RITEZYME™ to find just the right formula for your animals. If you want to improve the life of your animals and help them succeed at whatever the task, you will find that it is the right time for RITEZYME™!