Benefit of Enzymes

By Janet Angel, PhD

Scientific research has proven that all animals lack sufficient enzymes to break down domesticated foods sufficiently to maintain perfect health. You may not SEE the need for enzymes in healthier animals because their bodies are more able to deal with stress. Aging is a factor for all animals, however the aging process slows down when sufficient enzymes are available for digestion. Vitamins, minerals and amino acids are more bioavailable in the presence of enzymes.

All animals lose the production of enzymes to a higher percentage when they are ill, injured, stressed emotionally, or mentally due to conditions in which they must live. The production of enzymes in animals begins to deteriorate when adult. As animals age even if they are generally healthy, they will not have sufficient enzymes to deal with complete breakdown and assimilation of foods.

Research has also proven that by adding enzymes such as those contained in RITEZYME they will derive more nutrients from every bite of food they consume. They may require less food and maintain a healthier weight. As greater quantities of nutrients are absorbed all bodily functions and bodily systems and organs have more nutrients available so there is less biochemical stress.

Healthy animals as well as those distressed will always be dependent upon the enzymes existing in nature. Foods today contain less nutrients due to chemical additives, pollution, poor soil and water conditions and weather changes that continue to occur. Proper enzyme levels help animals detoxify poisons they must deal with from our environment.

Since each animal is born with more or less of an ability to produce enzymes at any given time, and their food is often devoid of enzymes due to processing, the best insurance policy you can buy for your animals is RITEZYME! Animals cannot talk so you really do not know what subtle changes are occurring prior to some health condition or an injury displaying itself.

Overall it is important for animal lovers to understand that every single metabolic function the body undergoes each day requires specific enzymes and in large enough amounts for it to complete daily functions of such things as repairing minute tissue tears from daily activity, keeping their arteries, circulation, heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys, eyesight, mouth, teeth, bones, muscles and elimination to name a few functions, in good order. Wellness has most to do with prevention. If you didn't have a gauge on your instrument panel to tell you that your automobile was in need of oil, fluids, or other maintenance items you might find yourself stranded on a remote highway. Preventing the breakdown of bodily systems is paramount to good health, happiness, and longevity.