"Digestive enzymes should be part of every animal's diet"

About Us

For pennies a day, boost your animal's nutrition!*

A lack of enzymes can be the cause of indigestion, lack of energy, a dull coat of hair, gas, bloating or constipation.

We believe that even healthy animals don't get enough of the enzymes they really need.

Animals are born with a fixed amount of enzymes, and if they use their natural born supply of enzymes too soon, it would lead to shortage of enzymes in their senior years.

That's why we've created RITEZYME™ Digestive Support for your four legged companions.

The RITEZYME™ family of enzymatic supplements aid in the digestion of food, improving the absorption of essential nutrients.

An animal that gets proper nutrition is a healthier animal. Made with ingredients derived from Mother Nature, RITEZYME™ Digestive Support can improve the health and happiness of your favorite horse, dog or cat.